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Freelance - C# programmer - Part time

For our customer in Greater Copenhagen, we are looking for a C# Programmer with the following skills:

Primary competences:
• Proficient in C# programming
• Solid experience with UI development in both WPF and WinForms
• Experience with implementing and consuming both REST and SOAP web services
• Oracle development experience. In particular experience with optimization of views and with programming in Pl/SQL

Primary tasks:
• Maintenance of the Manager applications
• Maintenance and development of OData services
• Implementation of HELM support
• General support for data science users
• Development of new chemical structure repository for Dotmatics
• Implementation of orchestration, integration and federation services for Dotmatics
and TetraScience

Educational background within science or engineering at BSc level.

3 days onsite till end of 2020.

Interested? Please contact:
Charlotte Skjellerup
+45 2434 4008

Charlotte Bjørn Skjellerup

Charlotte Bjørn Skjellerup

+45 24 34 40 08

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