Experienced Senior Software Developer

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Permanent Placement

Havnevej 11, 9560 Hadsund

    We are looking for an experienced software developer to work with projects that connect the virtual and digital world with the physical and tangible world. You are motivated by working with software for mission critical systems and automated intelligent logistics systems.


    You are up to the challenge when working in the sweet spot – the intersection between automation and robotics technology, information and communication technology (ITC) and logistics, automated material handling and resource optimization.

    What do you bring?
    First and foremost experience with software development to intralogistic or complex solutions. You contribute with solid and intelligent software solutions to complex specifications. You understand and know how to translate complex project specifications into solid solutions with good code lines, high quality and value for customers. You understand the importance of working thoroughly with developing and testing code to reach the right end goal. You deliver on time in the right quality and as a teamplayer support the team to do the same. You see yourself as a master and your job and to help and improve your colleagues' competences. Master Danish and English in both writing and verbal.


    You can expect
    Working on international projects with a team of skilled developers and technical project leads. Responsibility for project execution in collaboration with the technical project lead. Challenging tasks within developing advanced mission critical systems with multiple interfaces. Flexible work environment and focus på Work Life Balance in a win-win situation for both you and the company. Sparring and teamwork with customers, colleagues and management. To influence and create your own job and career in a small company with high ambitions and room for your ambitions too. Health insurance and a pension plan.


    Are you the one?
    The recruitment is handled by Epico. Is this job as designed for you? Please contact Regional Manager Annette Hjordt-Nielsen on mobile 6161 7436 or send your application to ahn@epico.dk.
    We look forward to hearing from you.


    About Intelligent Systems

    Intelligent Systems is an innovative company that creates value for their customers in the intersection between automation and robotics technology, information and communication technology (ICT) as well as logistics, automated material handling and resource optimization.


    Intelligent Systems are experts in software development for mission critical, automated intelligent logistics systems and in particular high-level management and the intelligence that controls large automated logistics solutions. Software solutions used in many different business areas such as baggage handling at airports for mail, parcel services, warehouse and distribution centers for retail or large-scale manufacturing.


    The mission of Intelligent Systems is to create intelligent logistics solutions that automate and make the world simpler, smarter and more intuitive - and which thereby reduce costs and improve efficiency, quality, safety and the working environment for companies, airports, hospitals and users of Intelligent Systems' solutions.


    Intelligent Systems has around 45 employees and is located in Hadsund and Aalborg. Projects in approx. 30 different countries, 62 installations and 24/7 support on more than 40 installations worldwide. In addition to focusing on their high quality, for which Intelligent Systems are known, they also have a flat organization and a flexibility focused on win-win for both the employees and the company