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Magnus	Berglund

Magnus Berglund

Sales Manager Oracle

Our story

Miracle Sweden was started in 2011 to build on the success Miracle A/S in Denmark. Since 2013 we have an office in the center of Stockholm. Miracle have since the start recruited some of the best within the Oracle technology Industry in Sweden.

Our vision

You collect the best of the best and let them tell you where you are headed. With a team of great individuals there will be no shortage of ideas and understanding for what value current technology can deliver. Such a team will always deliver over and beyond whatever the clients expectations is. To do that is our vision and it is what drives every person we hire.

Our technology

Data is the gold mine and it is where every great solution starts and ends. The database is made for performance but also for giving control over complex business need. With the Oracle Database Core Technologies  as a complete development plattform you can build scalable, robust and secure applications.



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