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Freelance - Assistant System Architect

For our cusomer in the area of Copenhagen, we are looking for an Assistant System Architect with the following skills:

Primary competences:
• Very strong analytical skills
• General experience with current software architecture patterns
• Strong experience with solving system integration tasks including API application
• Proficient in UML (the Universal Modelling Language)

Primary tasks:
• Assist with analysis and development of integration architecture and planning of API usage for both new 3’rd party systems and existing in-house developed systems
• Documentation of architectures and design including dynamics of interactions
• Assist with development and modelling of detailed computer domain integration use cases
Dry run and review of integration designs incl. verification of concurrency properties

At least MSc level preferably within software engineering or computer science.

Interested? Please contact:
Charlotte Skjellerup
+45 2434 4008

Charlotte Bjørn Skjellerup

Charlotte Bjørn Skjellerup

+45 24 34 40 08

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