Data Engineer for Berlingske Media

On behalf of our client, Berlingske Media, based in downtown Copenhagen, EPICO Search is looking to recruit a Data Engineer with scala or java development competences.

You will be part of a dedicated Data Competence Center team, whose purpose is to transform Berlingske Media to the leading digital media company in Denmark, where data is an integral part of internal workflows & decisions. Our team helps enable data-driven touchpoints with the users across all our brands (Berlingske, Weekendavisen, B.T., 24syv, and Euroinvestor).

We need your help to make Berlingske Media’s goals for 2021 and beyond a reality. You will be working in close collaboration with other parts of the company, including those in charge of the marketing and sales of our editorial products and those in charge of print and digital ad sales. You will also be supporting our newsrooms to produce the highest possible quality journalism.

Your role in the team will be to help integrate data from the many systems in our IT landscape, and make it so that data can flow easily between operational systems, reporting platforms, and beyond. This will support our mission of making the latest and greatest data available to each and everyone across the company. You will focus on building the fastest and most reliable pipelines based on the source systems’ capabilities - for example through events, database extracts, APIs etc.

We expect you to have experience with ETL processes (including data modelling) to contribute to a high-quality data foundation that helps us meet the rapidly growing demand for high-quality reporting, advanced analytics, and enrichment of customer data in operational systems. In addition, we expect you to have practical experience with some (but not necessarily all) of the following technologies & disciplines:
• Scala (or Java with a strong desire to learn Scala)
• Apache Spark (both batch and streaming)
• Apache Kafka – ETL tool ,ETL pipelines.
• Amazon Web Services (AWS Batch, EMR, S3, Redshift, Aurora)
• Containers and containerized applications
• Apache Airflow (or similar DAG schedulers)
• HashiCorp Terraform & Packer
• Automated data validation and quality assurance
• Modelling data for analytical purposes (both for reporting and forecasting etc.)

In addition to the above qualifications, we expect you to possess the qualities below:
• The ability to translate business & analytical requirements into technical solutions
• Thrives working in a cross-functional team with many different profiles
• Detail-oriented, and focused on delivering correct data
• Flexible and thrives in a rapidly changing environment as business develops
• Corporate language- Danish

We offer:
• An attractive position in a fully integrated, high-profile team containing some of the brightest data minds in the organization
• An IT organization where keywords are teamwork, dedication and comradery.
• An attractive salary with pension and health insurance included

The recruitment process:

EPICO Search is responsible for the recruitment process. Any inquiries about the position can be addressed to Senior Business Manager, Charlotte Thomassen by phone no. +45 30 51 74 77 or email

Don´t hesitate to contact us to discuss the role, if you currently are working on a different technological platform or using a different coding language then the above mentioned.

We conduct interviews with candidates continuously.

Charlotte Thomassen

Charlotte Thomassen

+45 30 51 74 77

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