Single Page Application Expert @ JYSK IT

For our customer JYSK we are looking for an experienced web developer.

JYSK wants to build Single Page Applications for most of the systems used in 1300 stores by 70+ million customers and 12000+ store staff colleagues.

JYSK is a frontrunner in the development of online cross channel e-commerce. IT development is at the core of the recently started Unified Commerce strategy, which aims to make JYSK a retail leader in omni channel E-commerce. JYSK is now investing DKK 500 mio. to realise the strategy.

You will become part of the Web Development Team, which is tasked with implementing performant and intuitive SPAs that scales. It is fine if you have an intuitive feeling for usability, but your skills as a software developer is the most important.

Your qualifications:
You have already built several Single Page Applications (SPAs) where you both developed parts of the frontend and backend. You have a Computer Science background and have been doing web development professionally for several years.

You must possess a deep knowledge of the web browser as an application development platform. You are the kind of person who likes to stay up to date with the latest developments within your field, and are able to apply that knowledge to make sound system choices as part of cross team collaboration.

You Bring dedication and…
Have a Computer Science background.
Are a true JavaScript expert.
Writes good OOP PHP7 code.
Write clean, well-structured and maintainable code.
Can engage in discussions on API design.
Can make SPAs work great on hardware constrained devices, e.g. mobile.
Thrives on technical challenges.
Works well in a software developer team.
See ReactJS, Redux, and Webpack as great building blocks for implementing SPAs.
Experience with the LAMP-stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

You Meet possibilities and…
Great cooperation and sparring with skilled colleagues at all levels in the organization.
Rich possibilities to influence the demanding technical solutions.
A corporate culture with a short distance from decision to action.
A great opportunity to develop professionally and personally.
An exciting international company, where development is a high priority.
A salary which match your qualifications and experience.

Applying for this job opening:
EPICO Search is partner for JYSK in this recruitment project. For application or further information, please contact:

Regional Director Jesper Ladehoff
Phone: +45 61 35 98 52

As JYSK wants the positions filled as soon as possible we will conduct interviews ongoing.

About JYSK Group:
JYSK is a global retail chain that sells everything for the home. JYSK is owned by founder Lars Larsen, who opened his first JYSK store in Aarhus, Denmark, in 1979.
JYSK Group is formed by the companies JYSK Nordic, JYSK Franchise and DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER.

In total, the companies have 2,724 stores, 23,000 employees across 51 countries. The turnover in the financial year 17/18 was 3.58 billion euro.

Although JYSK today is a global business, the company is managed based on its Scandinavian roots. This reflects in our company culture and the way we do business.

Jesper Ladehoff

Jesper Ladehoff

+45 61 35 98 52

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